New server will be released on
20.02.2021 at 13:00 GMT
PandaWoW x5 - 5.4.8


Rates: experience x5, all other - х2. You also will be able to change your rates individually at any time using command .xp rate and choose multiplier from 1 to 5.

Stable and maximally efficient server core and database, you can verify this yourself at the launch.

We have a large and experienced development team, which has been working on this expansion for over 7 years.

On launch it will be a PvE Realm for everyone to be able to play and fully enjoy leveling time period. After few weeks we plan to create a poll where you will be able to choose on which realm type (PvE or PvP) you would like to play.

A massive advertising campaign on all available thematic resources.

At the initial stage this realm will not be connected to the Cross-Server. We plan to connect this realm to X100 and xFun Realms later, once we reach the final stages of our content release plan.


General features of the new realm, which will make your game experience more comfortable and interesting!

Anticheat - made by us, cheaters and script abusers have no chance!

Dungeon Finder - fully implemented, you will no longer have to worry about searching for a party in LFG channel!

Crossfaction BG - quick battleground access: no queue, no premades.

Arena Spectator - you can watch all arena games / battleground matches

Quick Rate Change - using command .xp rate from 1 to 5 you can change your exp rates individually at any time.

SoloQ 1х1 and 3х3 - now you can join arena without searching for an arena partner.


General features of this expansion

Increase maximum level to 90

New race: Pandarens

New class: Monk

New continent: Pandaria

Three new battlegrounds: Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines and Deepwind Gorge

Many PVE scenarios

New Tol'viron Arena


Defeat all the bosses in the nine new dungeons added in this expansion

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Stormstout Brewery

Mogu'shan Palace

Shado-Pan Monastery

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Gate of the Setting Sun

Scarlet Halls

Scarlet Monastery



Defeat all the bosses in the five new raids added in this expansion

Mogu'shan Vaults

Terrace of Endless spring

Heart of Fear

Throne of Thunder

Siege of Orgrimmar